Redefining the concept of luxurious seascape, Ammothines Cycladic Suites offer a holistic hospitality experience, inspired by the idyllic island setting that surrounds it. Perfectly set in the coastline front, only a breath away from the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Plaka beach, with golden sand dunes lapping on the hotel’s premises and privileged beach services, Ammothines is the brand-new Naxos Hotel that celebrates natural serenity with playful mindfulness.



Ammothines Naxos Suites, in dialogue with the beautiful sand dunes that create its signature landscape; sets the tone for a unique staying experience in refreshing closeness to the sea. Waking up to the transparent turquoise waters of Plaka beach and feel protected in relaxing privacy, is the start for a unique hospitality narrative, infused with the authentic Cycladic character and unrefined purity of Naxos nature.
Traditional authenticity and emblematic local materials like the white marble, meet contemporary ingenuity, allowing an elegant blend of soft earthy textures and sustainable simplicity.
Ammothines Cycladic Suites, in balance with the wild purity of Naxos nature, set the tone for a unique staying experience in refreshing closeness to the sea. Unpretentious luxury and heartwarming hospitality, inspire guests to unwind and connect with the core of Cycladic living.
Discover Naxos island
Naxos is an island that balances gracefully between a joyful pluralism and an unwasteful simplicity. Our experiences philosophy, in dialogue with sustainability, feelings and authentic sharing, introduce the island through a mindful, holistic approach.
The Ammothines Experience
Ammothines Cycladic Suites are dedicated to offer fine concierge services with up-to date sensibility, in order to welcome guests to their most treasured holiday experiences.
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